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Social Work Services Committee

21 Members (1 VACANCY - NAG)


To oversee the strategic development and management of, and to exercise all functions in relation to: Social Work Services for children and families; Out of hours services; statutory Social Work mental health services, criminal justice services and the Community Justice Action Plan; Social Work Services comments and complaints; and Social Work Services professional learning and development.

To oversee the strategic development and management of, and to exercise all functions in relation to, services for vulnerable children and children in need across all services of the Council.

To lead corporate parenting in the Council in respect of children in care.

To oversee the development and implementation of the Council's child protection responsibilities and to receive regular reports from the Child Protection Committee.

Receive an annual report from the Chief Social Worker Officer on all of the statutory, governance and leadership functions of the role of the Chief Social Work Officer.

Receive reports from the Dumfries and Galloway Clinical and Care Governance Committee providing assurance regarding the quality and safety of services being delivered via the Integration Joint Board.

To advise and make recommendations to the Children Young People and Lifelong Learning Committee on: social work functions included in the Business Plan, including performance measures and targets; outcomes from performance monitoring and; budget and financial monitoring of social work functions.

To recommend to Children Young People and Lifelong Learning Committee, Social Work Services key performance indicators, targets and projects to be monitored by Area Committees, in relation to the functions at 5.5.1. above.

Receive monitoring and performance reports on commissioned services.

Formed: 22 May 2012

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Member Details
Mr Jim Dempster (SLab) (Chairman)
Mr Ted Thompson (SLab) (Vice-Chairman)
Mr Richard Brodie (Ind Group)  
Mr Ian Carruthers (D&GIG)  
Mrs Karen Carruthers (D&GIG)  
Mr Rob Davidson (SNP)  
Mr Iain Dick (SNP)  
Mr Archie Dryburgh (SLab)  
Mr Douglas Fairbairn (DGCon)  
Mr Ivor Hyslop (DGCon)  
Ms Gail Macgregor (DGCon)  
Mrs Jane Maitland (Ind Group)  
Mr David McKie (SLab)  
Mr Graham Nicol (DGCon)  
Mr Willie Scobie (NAG)  
Mr Davie Stitt (SLab)  
Mr John Syme (SLab)  
Mr Stephen Thompson (SNP)  
Ms Roberta Tuckfield (D&GIG)  
Mr Andrew Wood (SNP)