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Social Work Services Sub Committee

Note: Social Work Services Sub Committee to meet on a conjoined basis with a Committee of the NHS (i.e. Community Health and Social Care Partnership Board)

7 Members


Ensure that the provision of Health & Social Care Services contributes to the delivery of the priorities of both organisations and as agreed and set out in the Single Outcome Agreement

Meet statutory responsibilities of the Council in respect of services for vulnerable adults and carers

Meet national policy objectives in a local context

Deliver outcomes which support and improve the health, wellbeing and ability to live independently, according to their aspirations, of those requiring Community Health and Social Care Services

Ensure that the Partnership with the NHS is planning for the future demands arising from demographic challenges and changes in the expectations of service users and their carers

Ensure that services are delivered in an equitable manner, address inequalities and meet the needs of Dumfries and Galloway's rural and dispersed population

Ensure sound financial management and Best Value of the resources made available for these services

Ensure the joint vision and any future developments in services is supported by effective involvement and consultation with relevant stakeholders, particularly those people who use services or may use services in the future and their carers. The current standards for Community Engagement will underpin joint service planning and delivery.

Formed: 22 May 2012
Retired: 02 Oct 2015

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