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Policy and Resources Committee

21 Members


Develop and approve corporate policy and strategies to further the Council's Priorities and the Single Outcome Agreement in partnership with other public bodies, voluntary and private organisations, communities and the public.

Strategic oversight and development of the Dumfries and Galloway Strategic Partnership.

Monitoring and oversight of all aspects of the Council's capital and revenue budgets including the Pension Fund.

Monitoring and oversight of procurement, including contract management and commissioning across the Council.

To ensure the effective use, including shared services development, of the Council's financial and non-financial resources, including people, property(asset management planning) and technology, to further the Council's Priorities.

Development and implementation of the Council's Local Code of Corporate Governance.

Oversight of the Council's responsibilities in terms of the Ethical Standards and Codes of Conduct for Councillors including to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by Elected Members and co-opted members and to assist Elected Members and co-opted members to observe the National Code of Conduct for Councillors including arranging for appropriate training to be provided and to receive reports on recommendations from the Standards Commission for Scotland and any report from the Standards Commission for Scotland in respect of any breach of the National Code of Conduct by an Elected Member.

Receive reports on recommendations from the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman which are not service specific.

To determine Chief Officer salaries.

To set key performance indicators and targets to be monitored by Area Committees for services that report direct to the Policy and Resources Committee and to set corporate indicators.

To act as the reporting Committee for Corporate Services Directorate (formerly Chief Executive Service) including, approval of Business Plan, reporting on performance against Business Plan; budget and financial monitoring and all functions within this Directorate as summarised at Appendix 4 of the Scheme of Administration and Delegation to Committees.

To determine and monitor the policies affecting the external affairs of the Council, including those with COSLA, Scottish Government and Scottish Parliament, Westminster Parliament, Europe, other Local Authorities, Community Planning partners in Dumfries and Galloway and voluntary sector agencies including lobbying on matters of a corporate nature.

To receive reports for information and consultation in respect of electoral boundaries and wards and matters of electoral administration.

Civic affairs.

To approve policies and to receive reports (excluding quarterly updates) on activity, in relation to Regulations of Investigatory Powers (Scotland) Act 2000.

To receive reports on any changes to or use of the Council's Unacceptable Actions Policy.

Formed: 22 May 2012

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Member Details
Mr Rob Davidson (SNP) (Chairman)
Mrs Elaine Murray (SLab) (Vice-Chairman)
Mr Richard Brodie (S LibDem)  
Mr Dougie Campbell (SNP)  
Mr Ian Carruthers (Cons)  
Mr John Charteris (Cons)  
Mr Archie Dryburgh (SLab)  
Mr Doug Fairbairn (Cons)  
Mr Andy Ferguson (SNP)  
Mr Andrew Giusti (Cons)  
Mr David Inglis (Cons)  
Mr Malcolm Johnstone (Cons)  
Ms Tracey Little (SNP)  
Mrs Jane Maitland (Ind Group)  
Mr Sean Marshall (SLab)  
Mr Henry McClelland (SNP)  
Mr Ronnie Nicholson (SLab)  
Mr Graham Nicol (Cons)  
Mr Ronnie Tait (Cons)  
Mr Stephen Thompson (SNP)  
Mr Adam Wilson (SLab)