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Planning, Housing and Environment Services Committee

19 Members


Economic Regeneration including Regeneration and Europe, Countryside and Environmental Projects, Environmental Standards and Building Standards, European Programmes, Industrial Properties, Tourism, Neighbourhood Renewal and key regeneration projects including Stranraer Waterfront and Dumfries Town Centre Regeneration.

Sustainable Development including Development Management, Development Planning and Environmental Planning including Local Development Plan and planning policy advice, Renewable Energy, Landscape Policy, Biodiversity and Conservation of the regions natural environment, Infrastructure and Transportation responsible for the development and delivery of transport strategies, Partnership working with South West of Scotland Transport Partnership (SWestrans), Strategic Infrastructure and Asset Management Plans (Infrastructure), Integrated Waste Management Strategy, Sustainable Development Strategy, Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan

Strategic Housing including lead responsibility for the preparation, monitoring and delivery of the Council's local Housing Strategy including homelessness and supporting people functions

Development of relevant and appropriate housing policies by linking responsibilities for housing renewal, development planning and economic regeneration.

Implementation of policies to deliver more local affordable housing to meet the needs of communities through corporate and partnership working to support economic regeneration and sustainable development.

Consideration of private sector housing repair grants.

To set key performance indicators and targets to be monitored by Area Committees and corporate for Scrutiny and Performance Committee.

To act as the reporting Committee for Planning Housing and Environment Services including the reporting of Performance against Business Plans.

To set Planning Housing and Environment Services key performance indicators and targets to be monitored by Area Committees.

Formed: 22 May 2012
Retired: 28 Nov 2013

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