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Police, Fire and Rescue Sub Committee

Sub Committee of Dumfries and Galloway Council

11 Members


The remit is to scrutinise local Police and Fire and Rescue arrangements.

Formed: 28 Mar 2013

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Member Details
Mr John Syme (SLab) (Chairman)
Mr Ian Blake (DGCon)  
Mr Richard Brodie (Ind Group)  
Mr Ian Carruthers (D&GIG)  
Mr Grahame Forster (NAG)  
Mr Jack Groom (D&GIG)  
Mr Graham Nicol (DGCon)  
Mr Ronnie Ogilvie (SLab)  
Mr Craig Peacock (Ind-Admin)  
Mr Stephen Thompson (SNP)  
Mr Alastair Witts (SNP)