Member and Committee Information

Local Review Body

5 Members (drawn case by case on a rota basis and a non-political basis from the 21 Members of the Planning Applications Committee, with a quorum of 3)


To determine Notices of Review against Officers' delegated decisions on local developments or against Officers' non determination of local applications.

Formed: 22 May 2012

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Member Details
Mr Ian Blake (Cons)  
Mr Dougie Campbell (SNP)  
Mr John Campbell (SNP)  
Mr Ian Carruthers (Cons)  
Mr Jim Dempster (SLab)  
Mr Archie Dryburgh (SLab)  
Mr Doug Fairbairn (Cons)  
Mr Andy Ferguson (SNP)  
Mrs Patsy Gilroy (Cons)  
Mr Andrew Giusti (Cons)  
Ms Katie Hagmann (SNP)  
Mr Ivor Hyslop (Cons)  
Mr David James (Cons)  
Mr Jeff Leaver (SLab)  
Mrs Jane Maitland (Ind Group)  
Mr John Martin (SLab)  
Mr Jim McColm (Ind Group)  
Mr David McKie (SLab)  
Mrs Elaine Murray (SLab)  
Mr Ronnie Tait (Cons)  
Mr John Young (SNP)