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Enterprising Services Sub Committee

Sub Committee of EEI

11 Members


The remit is consideration of matters relative to the development and business management of all services within Enterprising Services, including Trading Operations, and providing an appropriate level of scrutiny and consideration of matters relative to the Service's tendering for contract works and external trading.

Formed: 19 May 2016

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Member Details
Mr Sean Marshall (SLab) (Chairman)
Mr John Young (SNP) (Vice-Chairman)
Mr Archie Dryburgh (SLab)  
Mr Doug Fairbairn (Cons)  
Ms Katie Hagmann (SNP)  
Mr David James (Cons)  
Mr Malcolm Johnstone (Cons)  
Mr John Martin (SLab)  
Mr Jim McColm (Ind Group)  
Mr Graham Nicol (Cons)  
Ms Ros Surtees (SNP)