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Dumfries and Galloway Council

47 members

Formed: 04 May 2012

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Member Details
Mr Ronnie Nicholson (SLab) (Leader)
Mr Ted Thompson (SLab) (Depute Leader)
Mr Graham Bell (D&GIG)  
Mr Ian Blake (DGCon)  
Mr Richard Brodie (Ind Group)  
Mr Ian Carruthers (D&GIG)  
Mrs Karen Carruthers (D&GIG)  
Mr Finlay Carson (DGCon)  
Mr Brian Collins (SNP)  
Mr Rob Davidson (SNP)  
Mr Jim Dempster (SLab)  
Mr Iain Dick (SNP)  
Mr Peter Diggle (D&GIG)  
Mr Archie Dryburgh (SLab)  
Mrs Gillian Dykes (DGCon)  
Mr Douglas Fairbairn (DGCon)  
Mr Andy Ferguson (SNP)  
Mr Grahame Forster (NAG)  
Mr Alistair Geddes (SNP)  
Mrs Patsy Gilroy (DGCon)  
Mr Jack Groom (D&GIG)  
Ms Yen Hongmei Jin (Ind)  
Mr Ivor Hyslop (DGCon)  
Mr Jeff Leaver (SLab)  
Ms Gail Macgregor (DGCon)  
Mrs Jane Maitland (Ind Group)  
Mr Denis Male (DGCon)  
Mr Sean Marshall (SLab)  
Mr John Martin (SLab)  
Mr Tom McAughtrie (SLab)  
Mr Jim McClung (SNP)  
Mr Jim McColm (Ind Group)  
Ms Marion McCutcheon (Ind Group)  
Mr David McKie (SLab)  
Mr Graham Nicol (DGCon)  
Mr Ronnie Ogilvie (SLab)  
Mr Craig Peacock (Ind-Admin)  
Mr George Prentice (Ind Group)  
Mr Willie Scobie (NAG)  
Mr Colin Smyth (SLab)  
Mr Davie Stitt (SLab)  
Mr John Syme (SLab)  
Mr Stephen Thompson (SNP)  
Ms Roberta Tuckfield (D&GIG)  
Mr Alastair Witts (SNP)  
Mr Andrew Wood (SNP)  
Mr Colin Wyper (Ind)