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Audit, Risk and Scrutiny Committee

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To ensure that Best Value is achieved in the decision making process, through the impact of decisions on policy and in service delivery.

To scrutinise the performance of the Council in relation to its policy objectives, priorities and performance targets on individual service areas.

To hold the Policy and Resources and other Committees to account for developing and implementing policy.

To ensure the effectiveness of local reporting and scrutiny arrangements on an annual basis.

To consider external inspections and value for money reports and their application, including value for money audits on funding of external bodies.

To make recommendations to the Council arising from the outcome of the Scrutiny process.

To review the performance of the Policy and Resources and other Committees in fulfillment of their remits and delegations.

To set key performance indicators and targets in respect of the scrutiny function and to assure continuous improvement, to be monitored by Area Committees.

To ensure that the scrutiny function is embedded into the remits and work plans of all Committees of the Council.

Independent assurance of the adequacy of the risk management framework and the associated control environment within the Council to provide reasonable assurance of effective and efficient operations and compliance with laws and regulations.

To review the activities of the Internal Audit function, including its annual work programme and progress against the programme and the outcome of major findings of Internal Audit investigations.

To review all matters relating to external audit, including audit plan, action points and reports, and to monitor implementation of external audit recommendations.

Respond to issues raised in relation to corporate policies, performance information, inspection and audit reports, accident statistics and Health and Safety costs and any other matters deemed necessary.

Preparation of an annual report on the work and performance of the Audit and Risk Management Committee.

Role in development of the Council's Code of Corporate Governance and Annual Governance Statement in advance of it being submitted for approval to Policy and Resources Committee.

Provision of an independent assurance on the integrity of financial reporting and annual governance processes.

Receive quarterly updates on the use of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Scotland) Act 2000.

To set key performance indicators and targets to be monitored by Area Committees.

Formed: 30 May 2017

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Member Details
Mr Ian Carruthers (Cons) (Chairman)
Mrs Jane Maitland (Ind Group) (Vice-Chairman)
Mr Graham Bell (Cons)  
Mrs Karen Carruthers (Cons)  
Mrs Patsy Gilroy (Cons)  
Mr Iain Howie (Ind Group)  
Mr David Inglis (Cons)  
Mr Malcolm Johnstone (Cons)  
Mr Graham Nicol (Cons)  
Mr Matthew Ronnie (Cons)  
Mr Willie Scobie (NA)