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Police, Fire and Rescue Committee

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To act on behalf of the Council as Police, and Fire and Rescue Authority in all of its aspects and in relation to the following:

Discharge of statutory duties under the Police (Scotland) Act 1967 and Fire (Scotland) Act 2005.

Discharge of duties of the Police and Fire Authorities in terms of Best Value and accountability as set out in the Local Government in Scotland Act 2003.

Consultation with the local community regarding Police and Fire matters.

Publishing annual Police and Fire Best Value performance plans setting out priorities for the year ahead, performance targets and the allocation of resources to meet those priorities and a Fire and Rescue Integrated Risk Management Plan.

Monitoring of risk management, Best Value, scrutiny of performance and continuous improvement activities in relation to Police and Fire matters.

Scrutiny of the process for dealing with complaints against the Police Force and Senior Police Officers.

Appointment of the Chief Constable and Chief Fire Officer and their Deputes (or equivalents).

To set key performance indicators and targets to be monitored by Area Committees.

To provide leadership, direction and assurance to the process of managing the change to a Single National Police and Fire and Rescue Service and to have oversight of, and make recommendations on, the impact that this will have on the Council's organisational, political governance, asset base and financial arrangements.

To provide leadership, direction and assurance to the Pathfinder project to assure that the best interests of the Community of Dumfries and Galloway are at least maintained but with an aim to improve through the governance and other structural arrangements put in place for the new National Services.

That to provide for business continuity and the maintenance of and continuous improvement of standards, local plans be developed to cover at least the next 18 months and to move beyond the planned vesting date of the new national services of 1 April 2013.

Formed: 22 May 2012
Retired: 31 Mar 2013

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