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Nithsdale Area Committee (Community)

18 Members


Scrutinise and monitor the delivery of local services particularly in relation to joint working and Community Planning and including where relevant monitoring of Service performance at an area level through review of key performance indicators based on a twice yearly cycle.

Scrutinise the delivery of Health and Social Care Services Locality Plans against the planned outcomes established within the Integration Joint Board Strategic Plan.

Receive performance reports from Police Scotland and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service on a six monthly basis with attendance of officers from the respective services on specific events or locality issues.

Input to any major and local consultations having regard to the National Standards for Community Engagement.

Endorse and make recommendations for short term actions which have no policy or resource implications.

Recommend medium term actions which address failure in implementation of policy and which have policy or resource implications.

The monitoring of major local projects and the reporting of these to be incorporated into performance reports.

Consider applications to the Discretionary Grant Budget.

Administration and oversight of common goods and trusts as appropriate.

The conduct of themed meetings founded on Community and Stakeholder engagement to consider issues arising from the monitoring of performance.

In accordance with the provisions of the Local Authorities' Traffic Orders (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 1999 issued under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, to determine Road Traffic Orders.

Consideration of community use and conditions of sale in the Asset Disposal Process.

Formed: 22 May 2012
Retired: 31 Oct 2017

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Member Details
Mr Ronnie Nicholson (SLab) (Chairman)
Ms Tracey Little (SNP) (Vice-Chairman)
Mr Graham Bell (Cons)  
Mr Ian Blake (Cons)  
Mr John Campbell (SNP)  
Mr John Charteris (Cons)  
Mr Rob Davidson (SNP)  
Mr Jim Dempster (SLab)  
Mr Andy Ferguson (SNP)  
Mr Ivor Hyslop (Cons)  
Mr Malcolm Johnstone (Cons)  
Mr Jeff Leaver (SLab)  
Mr John Martin (SLab)  
Mr David McKie (SLab)  
Mrs Elaine Murray (SLab)  
Mr Matthew Ronnie (Cons)  
Mr Davie Stitt (SLab)  
Mr Andrew Wood (SNP)